Direct download link from Github

TopoToolbox is plat-form independent but requires MATLAB and the Image Processing Toolbox. Some function also require the Mapping Toolbox. TopoToolbox 2 has been developed using Matlab Versions R2014b and TopoToolbox requires this or a later version.


Download here latest work-in-progress copy of TopoToolbox (recommended).

Download here release 2.2. This release can also be installed using a single installation file (.mltbx-file).

Find here older versions of TopoToolbox.

Getting started

Before working with TopoToolbox the directories and functions must be on the search path of Matlab. Enter following code into the command line:


To remove .git-folders from the path, run


Type doc in the command line to open the main documentation page. You’ll find the TopoToolbox documentation in the section Supplemental Software. The documentation contains several user’s guides that will help you getting started. In addition, TopoToolbox functions have extensive help
sections (e.g. help gradient8 or help STREAMobj/modify. An additional
resource for code and examples is the TopoToolbox blog.


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