One tool to download them all

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Some changes and additions to TopoToolbox are subtle and may not be visible at first glance. Hence, I report them here. One such addition is part of version 2.2 (which Dirk and I are about to finalize shortly) and is found in the folder IOtools (input/output tools): readopentopo. The function uses opentopography’s RESTful Web service for global raster data access for seamless download of global digital elevation models. readopentopo offers access to SRTM-3, SRTM-1, and ALOS 3D World data at your finger tips. By default, the downloaded *.tif-file is stored in your system’s temporary folder and is deleted as soon as it is read into MATLAB. If you want to permanently save the file on your hard drive make sure to define a file path and to set the ‘deletefile’-option to false. The tif-file comes in geographic coordinates. Hence, don’t forget to reproject the DEM to UTM (see reproject2utm) before you start working with it.

Many thanks to members of the opentopography-team who make the data and service available. Please use these services reasonably and don’t excessively download data!


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